Benefits of chicken soup in cold and cough, Treatment at Home

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Climate change means the beginning of diseases. Yes, with the changing of the weather, the problem of colds, fever and infection in people starts. The main reason for this is that people are not prepared physically for the changing season and they are vulnerable to infection. Here we gonna tell you Cold and cough home remedies and Cold and cough treatment, Cold and Cough Syrup.

Winter often complains of colds. Nose bleeding, sneezing, water in the eyes, soreness in the nose, mucus accumulation, exhaustion etc. are its common symptoms. For those who have respiratory problems, cold weather can prove to be extremely dangerous for them. They have problems in chest tightness and breathing with changes in weather. Generally, people ignore them as symptoms of a cold. Due to the absence of proper treatment at the time, the situation of bronchial asthma begins to arise and How to avoid cold and cough in winter.

Symptoms of Cold and Cough in winter

  • If thin and white water comes out of the nose, then understand that there are light and the common cold. There is no need to worry much.
  • If the thick matter comes out from the nose, then understand that the infection has become more. Do not delay in showing the doctor.
  • If the nose is closed, then there may be both viral and bacterial infections. If there is a viral infection then steam and anti-allergic medicine will be cured, otherwise, antibiotics will be taken.
  • To have a sore throat.
  • respiratory distress.
  • Pain in the body and pain
  • Continuous sneezing
  • If the white filament is produced from the nose then it is a sign of allergy. This is a common cold.
  • If there is a green filament, then there is an infection and show it to the doctor immediately.
  • There is also an infection in the yellow and thick filament. Do not treat yourself and show to the doctor
  • If there are more than five days for cold or a cough, mucus, body ache and fever, then you should understand that there is no common cold.
  • If there is a fever with yellow filament and respiratory problems then there is a bacterial infection. In such a case, the doctor should go to. Antibiotic is okay if food is from the bacteria. It will only be seen by the doctor seeing it.
  • If you have blood with a cough, it is dangerous. It can be a symptom of TB.

Benefits of chicken soup

Many people rely on the chicken noodle soup when they have a cold, they have caught the flu, or there is just a rush in the respiratory system. Not only is this really comfortable, comfort food for winter, but also some great health benefits of chicken soup. It works like magic for many of our health problems.

According to a clinical dietician of Beth Israel D├ęconside Medical Center in Boston, United States, chicken soup collects a cold and crowd in the nose path and has several other benefits and you can know that how to cure a cold and cough in a day.

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