If People will Live on Moon What would Happen?

If People will Live on Moon What would Happen?

The fact is that most people do not realize this because others point to the principle of putting earth’s principle in everyone’s home. Everyone feels the fact that the earth is flat, they will realize that what they have been taught is a lie, It is a lie. I can point out many lies that people believe that some answers provided for this question are correct. but the earth is not flat and it is curved and round circle.

  1. Gravity – The first thing is that people still think that gravity is a real power such as Newton’s universal gravitational rule. Regardless of the general assumptions in gravity, it is better described with Einstein General Theory of Relativity, when it is mentioned that space is the result of the curvature of time. Although I also think of it as a principle that has never been proved, the force that causes us to walk flat on Earth is due to boom and density.

  2. Moon and Planet – Some people say that the shape of the planet and the moon is ball so the earth should be shaped like a ball. First of all, compare apples to oranges. You simply can not compare just because the earth has water and life means that there are water and life in the moon and planets. It’s just an impression. but life cannot be on the moon because there is no oxygen and water.

  3. Satellites – These objects are not exactly as it is called. We think thousands of these objects are floating in space, but we do not have the actual picture of one of these satellites. Many tasks done by satellites will make it more sensible and more cost effective by high altitude balloons. If NASA actually has the largest balloon program and uses more helium than any other company, group or agency.

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