Why Today’s Teenagers more Depressed | Symptoms of Depression

Why Today's Teenagers more Depressed | Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a disease that can be caused by many. It does not happen for any reason, but for a variety of reasons, such as chemical, physical, psychological. But it is very dangerous. According to an estimate, nearly one million people are victims of depression in India. It can affect human life in any way. Those people who are distressed by depression, their personal and professional relationships also do not escape the effects of this disease. Depression affects every part of human life such as body, mood, lifestyle and thinking the ability to think. Let us tell you about its symptoms.

But our temporary emotional responses to the challenges in our daily lives can not lead to depression. As if one of our close ones is killed and we are unhappy, then that spirit does not fall under the category of depression. But the same sadness that persists for a long time can cause depression.

Common symptoms of depression

  • Always feel tired
  • The decrease in energy level
  • Can not decide on any work.
  • Do not miss any work.
  • Having a complicated look for life
  • Increasing or decreasing weight without reason
  • Changing the habits of eating habits
  • To commit suicide and think about suicide
  • Losing concentration of mind, not getting concentrated in the mind.
  • Mind on a few things
  • Always mind crying.
  • Become irritable
  • Do not get sleepy, that is to become a victim of insomnia.

Women are more affected by depression

Women are more affected by depression than men. Some researchers believe that depression affects women who have a history as if they were sexually assaulted before or they had some kind of economic problem. Like many other diseases, Depression is also a genetic disease. The normal age of depression is believed to be more than 20 years. Some physicians believe that Depression is caused by the disorder caused by the chemicals present in the brain, so they give anti-depressant medicines. But no such investigation has yet emerged, with the help of which the level of these chemicals can be ascertained.

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