Bigg Boss 12: Neha Pendse Gets Evicted From The Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 12 ‘has departed for television actress Neha Pendse. In ‘Bigg Boss 12’, one of Neha Pendse was going out this week. Neha Pendse will get some votes of the people, because of which she got out of the contest. Well, this week double auction followed because S. Sreesanth was thrown out of the house in Midweek. But they reached the Bigg Boss Secret Room. However today, he will be returning with Anup Jalota. Neha Pendse was playing together with Deepika Kakad, though she was doing the work of joining Deepika’s Yes. Neha Pendse did not openly play in Bigg Boss house.

Neha Pendse Gets Evicted From The Bigg Boss 12

Neha Pendse said after coming out of Big Boss, “My Experience was amazing in the Big Boss House. I have enjoyed every moment and opportunity while staying there. I wanted to spend some more time there but the time of my arrival The Big Boss House puts you in a situation where your temperance is examined and you have to keep it cool. An equation in the house changes people and who keep pace with these circumstances. Myself are true for Deepika and I wish them good luck. ” Neha Pendse won a lot of fences including all the members of the house by showing her dance pole.

Neha Pendse came home with a very strong personality and on many occasions, she kept her side with great strength. Neha Pendse became a good friend of Deepika in Big Boss House and both used to spend a lot of time together. Several types of voices were raised against Neha Pendse but they kept their side very positively In Bigg Boss 12 house one needs to make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s an art and I don’t specialize in it. If people are not targeting me, how do I defend myself? In Dipika’s case, for one reason or the other, she was targeted at every single step. So she had to clarify. And I have this nature that I don’t get hyper so easily and approach the game with a lot of calmness.

My problem has been that I try to sort it out and not act like a victim. I am not someone who will cry and that went against me. My calmness, maturity went somewhere against me. These attributes are good in outside life but not here. I could have made a mudda out of certain situations. Somewhere I forgot I’m in the game. I definitely take that on myself.

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