How Can We Protect Ourselves in Winter, Skin, Cold and Cough?

If you are taking medicine and treating your body in winter with antibiotics is no a healthy activity. this kind of treatment can lead your body organs to swear diseases. It is very important that you should step by step care of your body by using these. Natural tips and tricks in winter to keep your immune system strong, here are some tips and tricks for winter health and how you can stay safe in cold temperature during the winter season and make your health good and active in winter.

  1. Drink the right amount of water in the winter season because in winter excretion of waste material through sweat does not occur.

  2. Eat a healthy diet. By eating too much meat and sugar, your immune system can be damaged.

  3. Make sure do not use gas heater too much in your rooms. keep your oxygenated. it can lead your body to low blood pressure and can cause swear a headache and vomiting.

  4. Eat food containing vitamin C as it can help to keep your skin and other useful tissues.

  5. Dry and itchy scalp in winter can cause irritation and embarrassment. use lukewarm and avoid prolonged exposure to hot water.

  6. Winter is really harmful to your skin and the air is dry so you want to apply any kind of cream on your face skin dry and rough.

  7. Exercise daily to keep your body temperature and weight balanced in winter.

  8. Sleep the right amount every night in winter and work at the right time at work because depression can destroy your attentionto everything.

  9. We shoudnt smoke in winter because it contains deadly tar and can destroy your lungs and working power. smoking in winter weakness your immune system.

  10. Health care tips for winter can help you balanced your cold life in winter and make it warm.

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