How Computer System ‘Rebooting’ Fix Our Computer Problem?


When your PC or smartphone is running, try turning it off frequently. Or, alternatively, reboot, To understand the concept of a reboot, it is useful to first understand what the computer is related to. This word comes from the look pulling your own bootstrap, which I have never fully understood, but clearly, it means “to improve oneself by my efforts. then the computer shuut on, this program gets control and loads, or boots another, much larger, program which serves as the operating system for the computer. these system by there names as Unix, Mac OS, Android, and Windows 10.

Modern operating systems

If we run a computer or give a lot of work in a set of sequences, which software authors are not expecting, then the tasks can get stuck in memory. Computer scientists talk about a deadly embrace, which happens when task A is waiting for the task B to do something, and task B is waiting for A to work A, both of which are trapped go.

Modern operating systems are very special in removing and removing stuck processes and also work hard to keep things tidy, but sometimes a computer can reach such a situation where the best thing is that from scratch again Start. the reboot remove all the task and after that restarts with a clean slate.

As a computer scientist, I am always looking for the easiest way to solve a problem and reboot the computer is a good thing to look for more complex reasons why a system is running poorly.

The reboot will fix your problems

One thing can not recover the reboot, however, there is malicious software such as viruses. These scary bits of the program usually include themselves in the boot process so that they get to control when the computer starts the next time. The only way to get rid of these pesky intruders is to scan your system, search for them, and delete them.

Some systems are never rebooted. Programs that run the air traffic control system and our nuclear reactors have survived continuously. The advantage of these systems is that they run only a special program and their operating system can be built around this code. However, for general purpose machines at our desk and in our pocket, reboots will be required for a while. For me, this is an essential result of having such a powerful and flexible tool on my fingers.then the computer shut on.


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