How Much We Should Sleep In Our Daily life For Good Health

How much sleep in a day-sleep in 24 hours, sleep at night, sleep daily, sleep according to age?


Why we should not sleep too much because as the scientifically allounce that in a Human body can only take the hardwork of  7 to 8 hours only. if anyone will be sleeping too much and above awaited hour so he will not be fitted well by mind and health. He would line any health-related problem. And they would allow some problems like diseases and mental problems and stress by mind and body. While the provisions for sleeping are different from the person, most healthy adults need to sleep 7 to 9 hours per night so that they can do their best. Children and teenagers need more. And the opinion that how much we should sleep in a day and its need to overcome our sleeping age, most elderly people still need to sleep for at least 7 hours.

How much people should sleep

Researchers are worth noting, however, two other factors depression and low socioeconomic status are firmly associated with oversleeping. Those two factors can be the reason for the observed negative health effects. For example, people with lower socioeconomic status may have less access to health care and for more uncontrolled diseases like heart disease, which, in turn, may be due to sleep.

But a possible explanation for this may be that people have underlying fitness that allows them to sleep longer, which in turn can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease or death, the authors of the study emphasized.

How much sleep for healthy mind and body 

Everyone should at least sleep 5 to 6 hour for the healthy mind and pressure-free and diseasesful life. But the other hand if someone do hardwork as they use there body and mind too much like someone’s in IT company and they use too much of computer so they face too much glare of brightness that would really too much harm for them and they feel tired and not feel good by body and the other hand the older person ( grandparents) they must sleep 8 hours for good health.

The sleep you need is quite different during your lifetime. That depends on your age and health level as well as your daily health and habits. For example, during the stress or illness period, you may feel the increased need for sleep. But though the need for sleep is different from the person over time, the experts generally recommend that adults


Why Too much sleep  is bad

According to advance science, too much sleep is related to many hazard cardiovascular and death and heart disorders and mentally disturb many more. An according to a modern study by McMaster and Peking Union Medical College, people who sleep above the advised above limit of eight hours increased the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke or heart failure as well as up to 41 percent of the deaths.

For people suffering from hypersomnia, there is actually a medical disease. In this situation, people are suffering from excessive sleep all day, which is usually not free from naping. This sleeps them for sleeping unusually long in the night. Many people with hypersensitivity exposure symptoms of stress, low energy and memory problems as a result of almost continuous need for sleep.

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