MTV Ace of Space- Ticket to The Finale, Contestant, Winner


MTV ace of space is a very popular reality show in India, which is hosted by Style icon Vikas Gupta and second runner-up of Bigg Boss season 11 and he was the favourite contestant for ‘Bigg Boss’ lover and he is known as the mastermind, before coming on Bigg Boss he is the director of tv serials. Ace of space stats date is 20th of October 2018 and this is the first season of the ace of space, As the records of MTV the ”Grand finale of the ace of space held on 30th of December 2018″ and the theme of this show is that 18 contestant of ace of space who will live only in limited space and day by day the space will decrease by the performance of the contestant.

Contestant is being watched through CCTV cameras. the masterminds behind the host, To win the title of ace of space, 18 contestants will fight in 6 rooms. finalist will fight for space in the show. After 43 days, the competitor with the highest position in the room will run with the title of Ace of Space. ace of space covers the area, where the contestant will live that space is Bed Room, Drawing Room, Kitchen, washroom and so on. One of the favourite contestants of the ace of space Danish Zehen passed away his journey on 21st December.

Finalist of the ace of space

  1. Divya Agarwal
  2. Varun Sood
  3. Pratik Sehajpal
  4. Shehzad Deol
  5. Miesha Iyer
  6. Faisal Khan
  7. Fizah Khan

Special guest of Ace of space and ex-contestant

  1. Abhiraj Chadha
  2. Chetna Pande
  3. Divya Agarwal
  4. Faisal Khan
  5. Miesha Iyer
  6. Pratik Sehajpal
  7. Shehzad Deol
  8. Varun Sood
  9. Fizah Khan
  10. Omprakash Mishra
  11. Danish Zehen
  12. Riya Subodh
  13. Sambhav Sharma
  14. Sankalp Sharma
  15. Akanksha Sharma
  16. Kamz
  17. Nadia Sheikh
  18. Pooja Rathi
  19. Deepak Tuteja
  20. Tenzin Mariko


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