MTV Splitsvilla XI Full Episode Written Update of 23 December

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The Splitsvilla eleven started in 5th of August 2018 on MTV, Hosted by Indian youth icon Ranvijay Singh and Bollywood glamorous actress Sunny Leone. The game starts when Gaurav Alugh in the pool and all the Splitsvilla girls were joining him the girls were looking hot in a swimming costume. Samyukhta Hegde dance for him on Neela Samandar song. while dancing she gets more attention from all the Splitsvillan. After Samukta dance Shruti was the next performer. Gaurav Alugh presented a rap for Shruti Sinha. Anushka was asked him what is love and he politely replies her love is something for me and all the girls enjoyed so much in the pool with Gaurav Alugh, He openly allowances for his love relationship with Shruti Sinha, Suddenly Anuska Mitra feels that all the girls are taking his favour. Gaurav is considered that two groups are in splitsvilla XI one is supports Anushka and another one is against her.

Gaurav Alugh and Anushka Mitra talked to each other, they dance and hug each other while dancing in a pool. Anuska told Kabeer what she thought about love relation of him. Simba Nkaagpal, Kabeer and Gaurav crack a joke on Mehak while enjoying in a pool. Simbha and Kabeer make laugh on Mehak. Mehak says something about Simbha that is making her laugh. kabeer and Mehek talk to each other about Anushka and Kabeer replied that I worried about her and by this, Mehak was so impressed. that is good both love each other too much.

Splitsvilla written update of 23rd December

In a Splitsvilla eleven challenge, Gaurav and Anushka Mitra is the first pair and second is Mehak and Kabber, the third team is Anshuman Malhotra, Roshni Wadwani and Arushi Dutta. the physical activity task is a large struggle, but Anshuman and Roshni have been won the task. Roshni provoked to Kabber while Gaurav bothers to Arushi Handa. by this Shagun Pandey had been much happy.

Aushi Dutta says to Fahad to play with enthusiasm and not go to emotions, They were the second runner-up in a task, Kabber and Mehak have lost their battle. Splitsvilla 11 team is considering all the contestant as a finalist. Splistvilla eleven finalist will be any of the one lets all the result is depended on the performance and statics and results by Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. Here we some of the Splitsvilla written live update of 23rd December

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