Shah Rukh Khan Movie’ Zero’ 1st-day Box Office Collection

ZeroShah Rukh Khan most romantic and dramatic and knowledge-based movie, He is playing a role of bauaa and also a short height man and a middle-class boy in the movie. The zero has released today at morning in Indian theatre. Finally, the movie was a blast on theatre and take a soft corner from the public, Zero movie team characters are Katrina Kaif she is playing a role of glamorous actress in the movie and her name is Babita Kumari, she puts some efforts to be a superstar and the other hand Anushka Sharma, she is NASA scientist. Most probably the love triangle between all three of them because of bauaa (SRK) likes Babita Kumari and die heart fan of her. Indian television movie actor shah rukh khan also likes Anushka Sharma in the movie, they have loved each other in a different manner.

Here we tell you the box office 1st-day collection of zero as we compare to other movies like Bollywood movie thugs of Hindustan, robot 2.0 they got the amount of 1st-day collection of there movie is 50 crore and shah rukh khan movie zero total collection is also 50 crores on the 1st day. So zero is also the biggest competitor for them, as according to Newscircule team the Bollywood Hindi movie zero is excellent as we share our zero movie review you must watch zero, its all dramatic scene and character.

Shah Rukh Khan “Bollywood” movie zero is based on romance and drama, And also a key feature in a movie that shah rukh khan he is the short man. Why the movie title is zero, its define his height as zero because of the shorter than other. It is village based story and also they also use the meruth village and language. Shah Rukh Khan is a legend of Bollywood industry any of struggler actor want a single scene of a movie with him. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan all three of the Badshah of the Bollywood industry even Hollywood actors also want to work with them because they are single take actors and also much experience of acting. Jab we mat also his very famous and top-rated movie it also made with uniqness and romantic movie.

Zero movie song with bigg boss host salmon khan

Shah Rukh khans (SRK) wife is the producer of this movie and she spend her budget on an average is 200 crore so as we know every one wand return of investment so they expected that they earn a minimum 500 crore total collection bye this movie. But yet the only bahu Bali earn 500 crores no one break the record of bahu Bali till know even box office collection of bahu Bali is 600 crore and 2.0 collection till know is 350 crore.

Most dramatic and romantic ‘KGF’ film Zero 1st day box office collection till now is expected is on an average is 50 crore, according to graph may be 50 crore is much amount of office collection anthe thethesothethe 1st-day collection of zero.

Shahrukh Khan movie zero may be breaking the record of this of Hindustan and Rajnikanth movie 2.0 because they also earn a 1st-day collection of 50 crores and shah rukh khan movie zero collection also 50 crores, so of not have a big competition for the collector.

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