The Fight Between T-Series Vs PewDiePie Most Subscription

The war between T-Series VS PewDiePie on youtube. the Gulshan Kumar he is the founder of T-Series. but now T-Series company manage by his son Bhushan Kumar and it started in 1960.

The subscriber of T-Series is 72,588,945 subscriber the other hand PewDiePie also has his channel in which he makes fun on games and he has 72,640,100 subscribers.

It means as we consider that Indians most subscribed winner is T-Series but something got happen was that PewDiePie was to blame that T-Series has cheated people. and hacked the system and devices of all over the world people but this is not true we will tell you that what’s the real truth of this was happens. PewDiePie gets Help from HACKERS to beat T-Series.


As according to most of people who uses the twitter the have proof that PewDiePie team was hacked the printers and they have also a proof and Kjellberg has starts an operation in which he decided that people subscribe my channel and unsubscribe the t series and Kjellberg also have an award for those people who subscribe his channel and unsubscribe the T-Series.

Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson – the American You Tuber who increase 11 million subscribers before 4 days he made a video in which he spoke about PewDiePie and support him for increase his subscriber and helps to win the battle that would be between T-Series and PewDiePie news has come on newscircule.

This year T-Series has only 30 million subscriber but now t-series has more than 72 million subscriber and day by day it is increasing and PewDiePie made one song on t-series Chanel and in this song he abuse about t-series he used some shameless word like he said he don’t like T-Series and T-Series is nothing front of PewDiePie.

T-Series VS PewDiePie

The Fight Between T Series vs Pewdiepie Most subscription On Youtube (Live Stream)

PewDiePie thought that when someone who lives in India when anyone makes youtube account automatically subscribed T-Series channel he is blaming that Indian’s has got 1 auto subscriber and PewDiePie being a fire on people and said the Indians are brainless and they don’t know about music and Entertainment industry. He is saying that India and Indian are  poor country and poor people  and Indian never  win against  any other outer country also make fun on Indian culture but some of Indians  and some of vines maker, Indian  youtube support him just because PewDiePie album songs they use in their vines and they will also get attention just because of PewDiePie.

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