We Must Know About World’s Deepest Blue Hole in The Ocean


The first blue hole in the darkest ocean hole in the South China Sea and the name of that hole is Dragon Hole, and another 1 is Dean’s Blue Hole which is in Clarence Town Bahamas. A blue hole is a large sea cave or sinkhole, which is open to the cover and developed into a bank or island made of a carbonate bedrock limestone or coral reef.

Blue holes are normally hit by fresh, marine or mixed chemistry water. They extend below sea level for most of their depth and can provide access to immersed cave paths. Famous examples can be found in the South China Sea dragon hole, Belize Great Blue Hole, Bahamas Blue Hole of Dean, Guam, Australia in the Great Barrier Reef and Egypt in the Red Sea.

Creation of Blue Holes in the Ocean

The Blue Hole where the freshwater mix the salt water in the ocean, Blue holes are about rounded, vertical-faced depressants, and since has been named dramatically opposite between dark blue, deep water of their depth and light blue colour of shallow around them. Their water flow is poor, and they are usually anoxic below a certain depth, This environment is wrong for most marine life.

But still can support a large number of bacteria. The deep blue colour is made by the high transparency of water and bright white carbonate sand. Blue Light is the hardest part of the rainbow; The other parts of the colour are red, yellow, and finally absorbed in their way through green water, but the blue light controls to reach white sands and return to reflection.

Why Blue Hole is the deepest hole in the Ocean?

During the last glacial time, the Blue Hole was created, when the sea level was less than 100-120 meters, 330-390 feet compared to the present time. At that time, these houses ranged from rains and chemical weathering to the targets of similar depravity in all limestone areas, When it was sunk at the end of the age of ice.


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