Wildlife in Ladakh Has Become Stray Dog, These Species in Danger


The tragedy for the wildlife in Ladakh has become a stray dog, these species in danger. There has been a crisis on many species of wildlife in Ladakh. In fact, the number of stray dogs is increasing here and they are attacking wildlife. Dehradun, The ecology of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir is in danger. This danger does not increase due to human intervention, but the reason behind this is such stray dogs, whose number is increasing day by day and they are hunting wildlife.

In the latest study of the Indian Wildlife Institute, it has been found that the reality of eight species of species has been approached by the wild animals from stray dogs. According to WII Senior Research Fellow Neeraj Mehr, according to the latest study, the number of stray dogs in the Ladakh region has reached 10 thousand. These dogs are constantly hunting wildlife for food. Because of this, Their number had not been studied in the past, but it has been believed that till the year before, there were thousands of wild sheep in thousands.

Likewise, the number of birds in the distressed category of black-faced cranes is only close to 100. It is a kind of aquatic bird and it lay eggs on aquatic land. The stray dogs are not only hunting them, eating their eggs and making babies also morsels. Both these risked species are found in the very limited section of India including Ladakh. In such a situation, the loss of biology would be a big loss on their departure. Apart from this, Rudy Sheldak (dry), bar-headed goose, their eggs and children are also stray dogs. Apart from Ag Ghali, talking about big facts, the existence of small facts like Kiang (wild ass), Himalayan marmot, pikea and wild rabbit have also become threatened due to the increased number of stray dogs.

Senior Research Fellow of the Indian Wildlife Institute Neeraj Mehar has issued a recommendation that arrangements should be made to send stray dogs out of Ladakh as soon as possible. Because of the sensitive ecology of Ladakh, it has become necessary to overcome this crisis.


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