Zero vs KGF Box Office Collection: Zero Lose the Battle

Shah Rukh Khan’s film zero was beatenen by the Kannada film KGF that was a blast on Indian television. KGF is an Indian Kannada language film an action film. KGF story is written by Prashant Neel and produced by vijay kiargandur, Yash is the main lead of this movie in which he is the angry young man. the film was released on 21st December and the other hand shah rukh khan’s film Zero is also not bad on box office. zero is romantic and dramatic Bollywood in which SRK was known as Bauua and Anushka Sharma is a Nasa scientist and the other hand Katrina Kaif is a glamorous actress as the end of the conclusion they both are better perform on television.

Yash Kumar Gowda’s film of KGF Released on Indian television with many languages and Zero only focus only India market for its release and KGF is earning up to Rs 10 crores at the first day in Hindi version. yash has written on Twitter that his film KGF earn 18.1 crores on Friday and 19.2 crores on Saturday, 21.8 crores on Sunday. Zero also earn approximately 18.2 crores on Friday and 20.1 crores on Saturday, 20.7 crores on Sunday. Both films received mixed reviews from analysts, but KGF was built on the alleged budget of Rs 50 crore, while zero was made on the alleged budget of Rs 200 crore. Taran wrote that the real test of the film will be on Wednesday and Thursday, which is according to the views of numbers on Christmas Day.

In KGF’s three-star review, Hindustan Times wrote, KGF, in total, is a slow burner. The plot takes its sweet time to take shape and till the Yash is sent to the mines on any mission, Are common with the past and what they call it. In the meanwhile, Zero was given three and a half out of five out of five stars, HT reviews said, Zero becomes like and it happens, and it is impossible to take the end seriously, because of the whole film Meaning fable

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